There are times when going to worship services is nice and comfortable, attendance is good, the people are friendly and things seem unlikely to change. Complacency can set in and take root in situations like this making efforts to contact outsiders evaporate into no effort at all. When the attendance numbers are good and thinking that they always will be is a dangerous train of thought. Experience shows that membership is a pendulum that swings high to a comfortable number but inevitably it swings back to a low where nervous despair can set in and work for the Lord gets put aside.

The plague of complacency can consume a congregation, before you know it lethargy takes over. Lack of confidence is its follow-up. It is also a mistake to be complacent when membership is low in suggesting that there is nothing we can do because this is a difficult area and there are not many people who desire to go to church. “Woe is us and we must just sit for there is nothing we can do” or “maybe someone will move into the area from another church and our numbers will be restored” are nothing but defeatist thoughts.

The work of spreading the Gospel to show others the way to God, to have them join with us in our worship is and must be an ongoing effort by all members all the time.

There is always a worry when you hear of people moving out of a congregation. Whether it is relocating due to work opportunities or retiring to some other state where the grandkids are or for whatever reason it can cause unsettling feelings. Confidence in the Lord is what is needed continue spreading the word and everything will be fine.

Tags: #perseverence , #church growth

Published: July 19, 2015