Take Heed!

Take heed to yourself is a command given in Luke 17:3. And a quick read of the words is recorded for our understanding as we read on to an “important passage on forgiveness”. The focus of attention shifts rapidly from this oft repeated caution as other instructions are dealt with in Luke.

Applying our mental brakes to halt and study this opening phrase is relevant to using the teaching that follows it and actually the teaching of the whole the Bible. We live in an age of spiritual dangers, where the unwary and careless fall easy prey to Satan and those he has influenced. Taking heed of ourselves to guard against unrighteousness and evil must be a constant effort.

This passage tells us that; Before you do anything, take heed to yourself, examine yourself, are you following what Christ wants, how is your heart? When you come to worship do you harbor ill feelings towards anyone in the congregation? Do you come to worship with a loving caring humble attitude, in reverence to an almighty God with whom you desire to live in eternity?

Heed should be given to our attitude on attending not only the worship services on the Lord’s Day but also the Bible study classes, gospel meetings and other events planned to increase and apply our knowledge of God’s will.

Avoiding careless spiritual decisions regarding family members and the raising of children is just so important. There is a constant need to be sensi- tive to have a charitable, loving, penitent outlook toward our brothers and sisters in Christ. Examine your heart when going to God in prayer to check your sincerity in what you are praying for.

Desiring the safety of an eternity in heaven over an eternity of suffering causes us to take heed of ourselves. The hardening of our hearts will creep up on any unwilling to be careful of what they say and do. The devastating effects of sin will blind the eyes of even a strong follower of Christ therefore taking heed of oneself has to be a constant effort.

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Published: July 5, 2015