Life has many hazards and traps that can discourage and confuse the sternest of characters. Disease is a major concern of all, but parents are especially hurt when a child suffers from complicated medical problems. Behavior changes when these known maladies are dealt with, but unexplainable or unaccountable modifications in behavior and speech bring all sorts of speculation for the causes or reasons that brought it on. As if someone or something needs to be blamed for the changes being experienced. Read more

Fighting Giants: David’s Other Goliaths
David, the young shepherd boy, in slaying Goliath, the giant of Gath, has long provided God’s people with many lessons of life. One of which is how to face adversity larger than themselves and with God’s help overcoming is assured. This provided a message of confidence in standing for the right and completely destroying the difficulties of life. We see in this that God is not limited by the size and strength of our problems that confront us. Read more

The Evil of Sin
In the course of human events things happen both good and bad. When the good happens there is joy in abundance. Cheerfulness is spread and good things seem to continue and multiply. Smiles bring smiles, good deeds bring blessings. As an example, helping a person with a disability brings a feeling of caring and wanting to do even more. How much greater the feeling when the person with a disability wants to help you. Read more