Our Leadership

Our Elders

The role of an elder is to shepherd, lead the local congregation and help ensure the work and members are acting in accordance to the teachings of Christ given through Scripture (I Tim 3:1-7, I Tim 5:17-20, Titus 1:5-9) so they are ready when the Chief Shepherd returns (1 Peter 5:1-4). Elders are appointed over every local congregation (Acts 14:23, Titus 1:5) and oversee the church among them (1 Peter 5:2). Our elders are:

  • Bob Alley
  • Cary Ashton
  • Jerry Brinkley

Our Minister

The role of a preacher, minister, or evangelist is to proclaim God’s word (Rom 10:14-18, II Tim 2:1-7, II Tim 4:1-5). While we all share the responsibility to spread the gospel (Matt 28:18-20), these are individuals who have devoted their life to it and are supported by the church (1 Cor 9:6-14, Phil 4:14-19). Our minister is:

  • Steve Wolfgang

Published: May 9, 2020