Life has many hazards and traps that can discourage and confuse the sternest of characters. Disease is a major concern of all, but parents are especially hurt when a child suffers from complicated medical problems. Behavior changes when these known maladies are dealt with, but unexplainable or unaccountable modifications in behavior and speech bring all sorts of speculation for the causes or reasons that brought it on. As if someone or something needs to be blamed for the changes being experienced.

There has always been fear in the minds of man that evil spirits may take possession of their mind and body. The horrors of such takeovers are described in the Bible as an uncontrollable madman ranting and raving in a graveyard. When unaccountable behavior is encountered, evil spirit possession is still very much considered a “reasonable” cause. Ephesians 6:12 is often cited as justification for bad behavior, bad judgment and evil actions caused by evil spirits activity.

God used unclean spirits to confirm that Jesus was His Son. Demon possession was not at random, but rather was planned and calculated so that the Messiah would be glorified through the miracles He would perform. God no longer needs demon possession to exist, because He has completed His message to mankind, and has given us a complete word that needs no addition, making demon possession no longer valid in proving Jesus as the Messiah.

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Published: August 26, 2015