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Sunday morning: Bible study @ 9am, worship @ 9:50am

Wednesday evening: Bible study @ 7:00pm

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First Principles

The basics of God’s Word are simple yet deep. Find lessons on faith, repentance, and other elementary principles in this playlist.

Christian Living

Living by faith has its challenges, but we have a Savior who led His life as an example for us and left His Word to guide us. Find lessons on prayer, loving our neighbors, coping with struggles, and more in this playlist.

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  • Friendship

    Casual friends or companions may engage in mutually agreeable activities of interest without much residual connection. Dear friends maintain an interest in personal contact over a wide variety of experiences. The differences between these two groups (comrades or associates—hetarios and friends—philo) is elaborated and discussed throughout the Bible. Philo, translated as friend, was originally a description of the association such as friendly or dear, however in usage became the relationship itself.

  • Who we are

    Our mission here is to acquaint our community with the New Testament church as described in the Bible. We want to lead others to become Christians and only Christians. The Bible reveals that YOU can belong to Christ without belonging to a human institution.

    Looking for something real?

    We are a non-denominational, New Testament church that is dedicated in preserving pure Christianity as the Bible authorizes. Our worship is Simple, Educational, Spiritual, and Biblical. Please feel free to come and worship with us.


    We have Bible classes for adults and for children (starting at 6 months).

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    Sunday morning: Bible study @ 9am, worship @ 9:55am
    Wednesday evening: Bible study @ 7pm

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